Dave's Pool Tile Cleaning

Are You Interested in Starting Your Own Pool Tile Cleaning Business?

I've found that a lot of people are interested in getting into this line of work.

Here are some reasons to get into your own pool tile cleaning business:
More and more pools are being built everyday which eventually will need this service.
Pool tile cleaning can be a very lucrative business with little effort.
It is a good business for an individual wanting to get away from the ho-hum daily routine of working for someone else.
Companies these days are always downsizing and this is a way to be your own boss and not be afraid of wondering if you'll have a job tomorrow.
You can start as a one man company and either stay small or eventually hire employees.

"I have been in the business since 1989, and I'm still a one man company with very little overhead".

** For just $995.00 plus tax I can give you information on:
Supplies and Equipment necessary
Names of manufacturers and distributors of media blasting equipment
Suggested Pool Tile Cleaning Procedures
Safety Procedures
Tips and tricks that I've come across through the years
Consultation for 6 months or 6 hours (whichever comes first) via email, U.S. mail, or telephone for problems or questions that you may have concerning pool tile cleaning and procedures.

Pay $495.00 plus tax for the information packet and pro-rate the $500 consultation fee for the period of time that you want (ie: 6 months or 6 hours = $500; 3 months or 3 hours = $250; 1-1/2 months or 1-1/2 hours = $125; etc).
Consultation time frame will still be based on months or hours whichever comes first.
One month or 1 hour minimum is required.

Just send me an email stating your:
1.) Name
2.) Address
3.) City, State, Zip
4.) Email address
5.) Telephone Number with area code
6.) Fax Number

Also, list any comments you have and I will contact you.

"Just click on my mailbox".

** Note - I reserve the right to restrict this offer to only potential business owners that will be conducting business outside a 60 mile radius of my place of business at 8975 Wood Lily Wy., Elk Grove, CA. 95757.


(916) 686-8032