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Universal Gun Parts*

$75 Order Minimum !!!

Pick the necessary parts below and order them by e-mailing from this link.
 All orders will be calculated for cost including tax, S & H and verified by return e-mail.
All prices are listed in US Dollars.
Payment by cashiers check or money order only. All orders are prepaid.
Once payment is received, your order will be shipped!
Thank you!


Part# Part Description Price
922,923,924 Suction Gun Assembly w/Jet & Carbide Nozzle (Carbide Nozzles have 1" NFT Thds vs. Universal's 3/4" Thds) $165
925,926,927 Suction Gun Assembly w/Jet & Ceramic Nozzle $120
1, 3, 5 Carbide Nozzles $53
934, 935, 936 Ceramic Nozzles $20
928 Mixing Chamber $34
929 Nozzle Nut F (Carbide) $25
930 Nozzle Nut F (Ceramic) $25
931, 932, 933 Air Jet $25
937 Abrasive Inlet (For all Guns Above) $7.50
938 Rubber Tubing (All Air Jets) $2.50

*Parts are NOT original Universal parts, BUT are equivalent for fit and performance.
Prices are subject to change without notice.

This is only a partial list of available parts!
Please email us for info on any part not listed


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